• How-To Find Big Boxes

    Great when you order a new appliance and have a big box for your kids to play in.

    But if you have ever tried to get a big box from a store, you know that it's almost impossible - most retailers immediately break down and bale boxes, so you'll never find em.

    Here’s what you do…call Home Depot or Lowe’s (whichever is in your town) and ask for the appliances department. When you get them on the line, ask for the name of the local company they use for deliveries. Sometimes they give you an 800 for G.E. Don’t waste your time trying to call G.E. Call Lowe’s back during the day (when the full-time people are there), or else ask for the delivery department. Someone at Lowe’s knows the name of the local delivery contractor, you just have to find that person. Once you know the name of the local company, it’s generally pretty easy from there.  Local delivery contractors can have as many as 30-60 boxes a day.