• Tools and tips

    Dig around for a roll of cooking twine, blue painter's tape and some office clips or clothespins.

    You can run the string across the living room, tying off to a tall bookcase, door hinge, window blind hardware or whatever tall anchor spot you can find.

    String to chandeliers at your own risk.

    If you have a number of good spots to attach string, try making a spider web of string running back and forth across the room.
    Drape a couple blankets or bedsheets over the string - instant fort.

    Office clips or clothespins can be used to attach together a few small blankets into one giant canopy. And they won't damage your nice cashmere throw.

    Painter's tape can be used anywhere you need a little help. Tape a blanket to the edge of the dining table for a perfect little front door. The painter's tape won't leave any residue and you can tape blankets to your walls without damaging the paint.